Chance Productions was founded by Wolfgang Salomon in the late eighties. The first L.P. produced in 1988 at Chance Studios was called ”Rebellen in Herrgotts Namen” (‚Rebels in the Lord’s name‘ -author Leo Weißmantel) and was a combination of literature and music, which would nowadays be termed an early version of the audio-book.

Over the following years, Chance Productions formed the platform for all Wolfgang Salomon’s CDs and theatre pieces. In 1989 the studio moved to the Theater am Neunerplatz, sharing the first floor and a lot of ideas with former theatre director Thomas Heinemann, who then co-produced nearly all the theatre music CDs.

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chance studios basic equipment + technical outfit

mac G5 driving logic 7.0 version, + various plug-ins – (reverb, equalisers, vocoder, harmoniser etc.). 2 monitors 21″ and 17″ – emagic AMT 8 – AMG fireface 800

Alesis Adat 8-trac – Teac Tascam 38 – Neumann U98 microphone + phantom power – various Shure microphones (565 SD, 565 D…)

Mackie CR 1604,16 channel mixing device – Lexicon reverb LxP 1 – Yamaha multi-effect SPX 90 – Behringer PQ 305 parametric equaliser – Behringer headphone amp. HA 4000 – Sennheiser headphones HD 25

Yamaha NS 10 near field monitors – Omni-audio studio monitors

Master keyboard : – Korg Trinity or Yamaha Clavinova – Emax I sampler – Roland S 550 sampler – EMU III XP – EMU 6400 Ultra – EMU World – EMU Orbit – EMU Planet Phatt – Big sound- library on CD-ROM and a huge amount of extraordinary ‚homemade‘ sounds in different formats! –
Mastering : direct to disc on plexstore writer 8/20 – Sony DAT 670 – Pioneer disc-recorder PDR-05 – Sony mini disc MZ-R 70

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