‚Munju‘ was founded in February 1976 and found its feet as part of the independent music movement. The band toured on a regular basis, playing over 2000 concerts in the seventies and eighties and released 4 L.P.s. (See Discography).
In 1977, the band began to stage concerts and tours in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Spain and Italy.

The central members of the band, Dieter Kaudel (guit.), Thomas Römer (dr.), Wolfgang Salomon (bass) worked together from 1974 –1988. Eduard Rüdel (guit.) joined the band in July 1982.
In 1990 the band’s name was changed to ‚Moon You‘. They continued to collaborate on theatre- or studio projects.

Sample: munju / Intetango; 1:34 min

”… these musicians – at home with Rock, Pop, Jazz and experimental music- possess a high degree of musical and technical familiarity and finesse.
Their music is largely instrumental, composed of rocky guitars, highly unusual solos, partly with the drums arousing a melancholic backdrop, synthesiser and vibraphone, unmistakable bass-lines, with a striking, speedy percussion bass base.
Presenting original compositions beyond the run-of-the-mill, MUNJU music is witty, slightly ironic, animated, something staggering all the way, a sound that echoes in your mind…”
music express (1986)