April 2000 saw Lars Hollmer and Wolfgang Salomon staging a small concert as a duo as part of the Swedish Culture Week in Würzburg’s town-hall.

The same year, Wolfgang Salomon was invited to play bass and ukulele with ‚Utsikter‘ on their Russian tour.
The band played at the SKIF (Sergej Kyriochin festival) in St. Petersburg and in a following gig at the Chinese Pilot Club in Moscow. In May 2001 ‚Utsikter‘ performed at the Ring-Ring Festival in Belgrade, in October at the Musikmuseet in Stockholm, which was broadcast live on Swedish radio.

Lars Hollmer: keyb., accordion, voc.
Michel Berckmans: oboe, bassoon
Matti Anderson: keyb., accordion
Santiago Jimenez: violin
Wolfgang Salomon: bass, ukulele

Sample: Utsikter / Voilapük; 0:50 min